Muharram Green Sharbat

Muharram Green Sharbat

by Saba Irshad

10 litres milk
1 big can condensed milk
5 banana jelly packets
1/3 packets Banana custard powder
3 bottles Ilachi sharbat
1 cup Nuts
2 packets of China grass+green food colour
About 2 cups Sugar

For floating green jelly
Heat 4 cups of water with 3-4 tbsp sugar and green food colour. Cut china grass strands into smaller pieces with the help of scissors. Add china grass in the heated water and stir it until it completely disappears. Let it set, then make small pieces.

Heat milk with sugar. When it comes to a boil add custard powder mixed in 2 glasses of water. Cook for few minutes then let it cool. Add ilaichi sharbat, ice, condensed milk, nuts and green jelly made from china grass. Now make banana jelly-like it says on the packet but don’t let it set. Just cool it for few minutes then pour it in the milk mixture. This will give the drink a thickish texture.


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