Rib Chops

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Rib Chops

by #Sayeda Nasreen Kadri

Ingredients for Rib Chops
1 kg Potatoes (boiled wid skin, peeled n mashed)
1/2 kg Ribs wid bone (boiled n dried in ginger garlic paste, salt, chili powder n turmeric powder)
little Chilli powder
1 lemon juice
few Coriander leaves (chopped)
2 Green chilies (chopped)
2 Eggs (beaten put lil chilli powder n little salt)

Rib Chops preparation method
In mashed potatoes put salt, lemon, chilli powder n corriander leaves mix wel…
scoop lil mashed potato mixture, press like puri on yor palm n kip a piece of rib on it, bring ol sides together n seal mek sure lil bone is left bhind….
do de same for ol….
kip a frying on flame put enuf oil (not too much oil), as in shallow fry….
dip each chop in beaten eggs cover ol sides n put in pan, kip atleast 3 chops at a tyme, use skillet to splash oil on the top part of chops, let it turn golden brown den turn it ova…
remuv in a platter wid kitchen paper on it…
mek sure u drain the oil before kiping on a platter…
serve wid coconut n hot chutneys