Masoor Biryani

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Masoor Biryani 

by #Moona Jamil‎

Ingredients for Masoor Biryani 
Sabit garam masala
8 peppercorn, 2 black cardamoms, green cardamom 3 to 4 cinnamon stick half an inch, cloves 5to 6 bay leaves 1to 2
Ginger garlic paste 2 tablespoon
Black cumin 1 ts
Rice 4 cup
Qeema 2 lb
Onion 2 medium
Tomatoes 3 small
Masoor daal 1 cup boil
Chilli powder 1 ts or according to your taste
Coriander powder 1 tsp
Turmeric powder 1/2 he
Nutmeg powder 2 pinch
Jawatri powder 2 pinch
Garam masala powder 1/2 tsp
Badian Kay Phool grind 1/3 ts
Cilantro mint green chilies for garnish
Oil half cup

Masoor Biryani preparation method
Heat oil add onion and fry light brown take them out and spread in paper or any tray
In same oil add Sabit gram masala ginger garlic paste and qeema fry till it change colour add chilli powder , turmeric and coriander powder bhoonofy till oil separate add tomatoes and cook until meat done then add gram masala powder, nutmeg and jawatri powder fried onions and badiyan Kay phool powder put it in simmer in separate pot add water black cumin salt and bay leaves when water starts to boil add rice and cook till it’s done


Assemble time 
In qeema add green masala cilantro mint and green chilies layer rice then add a layer of boil lentil and finally a layer of rice I put kewra essence and food color on the top layer of rice, you can add fried onion as well. Put in dum or simmer for 5 to 10 mint.