Garlic Butter Naan

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Garlic Butter Naan
by #Saira Rahim‎

This quantity makes 4 large, 6 medium, 8 small naans)

All-purpose flour 2 cups
Yeast 1tbsp
Baking powder 1/2tsp
Yoghurt 2tbsp
Salt 1/2tsp tsp
Sugar 1tsp
Oil 2tbsp
Garlic finely crushed 2tbsp
Coriander leaves 2tbsp finely chopped
Butter 4tbsp

Combine flour yeast baking powder salt sugar add in yoghurt oil knead it with lukewarm warm water
Rest the dough for an hour
Take a separate bowl mix together garlic coriander butter


Now make balls roll it put into hot tawa cook from both sides
Spread garlic butter over hot naan.
Serve with qorma butter chicken tikka kabab etc