Fried Mutton Chops


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Fried Mutton Chops
by #Midhat Hanif‎

Take mutton chops give a boil for 10 min with garlic clove and turmeric powder and throw the water.
Now in 1 tsp of yogurt add 1 tbsp gg paste, 1tsp papita paste and 1 tbsp of green chutney (corriander+mint leaves+greenchillies) & red chilli powder , salt and packet tandoori masala.

Marinate it for atleast 2 hours
if you don’t have time than direct add water and cook until its tender.

Take eggs regarding your quantity……. and add some soya sauce and knorr crispy fried chicken packet. Mix well. Your batter is ready.

Take your tendered/cooked chop .. dip into egg batter than cost with bread crumbs … deep fry it and serve hot with ketchup or chutney