Chicken Tikka Club Sandwiches

Chicken Tikka Club Sandwiches
by #Shahdab Zaheer‎

*chicken boneless, 2 breasts.
*ginger garlic paste
*Shan chicken tikka masala
*black pepper
*crush chilies
*scramble eggs
*Nandos peri sauce extra hot.
*iceberg lettuce
*cheddar cheese slices.

Marinate chicken pieces with Shan tikka masala gg paste lemon and oil fry till tender. Now shred and add mayonnaise 4 tablespoons, black pepper crush chilies… Make scramble eggs add only salt black pepper and crush chilies keep it aside. Toast or grill slices with little butter. Now assembling..
Spread chicken better on a slice, spread ketchup on another slice then scramble egg and peri peri sauce. Slice of cheese and iceberg lettuce.