Chicken Steak with Arabian Rice

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Chicken Steak with Arabian Rice
by #Shazia Mudassir‎

Chicken breast fillets 4pice
Olive oil. 2tbsp
Gg paste 1tbsp
Salt. 1tsp
Paprika 1tsp
Mustard paste 1tsp.
Mix all ingredients n marinate all fillets for 30min.

Now put olive oil 1tbsp n baked or fry as u like.

Rice 2cup
Black pepper whole 6
Salt to taste
Cardamom 4
Black cardamon 2
Boil with rice n drain water
potato 2 cut in cube .n fry

Now ready all things for a nice plater
Serve with baked bread or bun.
This platter for 4person
Decorations steak with Mustard